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Decorates a function to output objects of type chronicle.


record(.f, .g = (function(x) NA), strict = 2, diff = "none")



A function to decorate.


Optional. A function to apply to the intermediary results for monitoring purposes. Defaults to returning NA.


Controls if the decorated function should catch only errors (1), errors and warnings (2, the default) or errors, warnings and messages (3).


Whether to show the diff between the input and the output ("full"), just a summary of the diff ("summary"), or none ("none", the default)


A function which returns objects of type chronicle. chronicle objects carry several elements: a value which is the result of the function evaluated on its inputs and a second object called log_df. log_df contains logging information, which can be read using read_log(). log_df is a data frame with columns: outcome, function, arguments, message, start_time, end_time, run_time, g and diff_obj.


To chain multiple decorated function, use bind_record() or %>=%. If the diff parameter is set to "full", diffobj::diffObj() (or diffobj::summary(diffobj::diffObj(), if diff is set to "summary") gets used to provide the diff between the input and the output. This diff can be found in the log_df element of the result, and can be viewed using check_diff().


#> OK! Value computed successfully:
#> ---------------
#> Just
#> [1] 3.162278
#> ---------------
#> This is an object of type `chronicle`.
#> Retrieve the value of this object with pick(.c, "value").
#> To read the log of this object, call read_log(.c).