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Decorate a list of functions


record_many(list_funcs, .g = (function(x) NA), strict = 2, diff = "none")



A list of function names, as strings.


Optional. Defaults to a function which returns NA.


Controls if the decorated function should catch only errors (1), errors and warnings (2, the default) or errors, warnings and messages (3).


Whether to show the diff between the input and the output ("full"), just a summary of the diff ("summary"), or none ("none", the default)


Puts a string into the systems clipboard.


Functions must be entered as strings of the form "function" or "package::function". The code gets generated and copied into the clipboard. The code can then be pasted into the text editor. On GNU/Linux systems, you might get the following error message on first use: "Error in : Clipboard on X11 requires that the DISPLAY envvar be configured". This is an error message from clipr::write_clip(), used by record_many() to put the generated code into the system's clipboard. To solve this issue, run echo $DISPLAY in the system's shell. This command should return a string like ":0". Take note of this string. In your .Rprofile, put the following command: Sys.setenv(DISPLAY = ":0") and restart the R session. record_many() should now work.


if (FALSE) {
list_funcs <- list("exp", "dplyr::select", "exp")